Raccoon on the beach

So, Mark and I go to the beach pretty often (at least once a week) and when we started to leave, we came up on this little guy. We're animal lovers. It's kind of sweet, yet also irresponsible; ha-ha! Naturally, we fed the poor guy. Don't really know if it's legal/okay to feed the wildlife … Continue reading Raccoon on the beach


Depression is so weird

For the average person, the first thing that comes to mind when asked to visualize depression might be someone sitting alone and crying to themselves. That could be true for a lot of depressed cases, but I earnestly believe that you could be depressed and not cry once. You can be depressed and never have … Continue reading Depression is so weird

Instagram Photos I’ve Posted Recently

Here's some Instagram photos I actually still had on my phone from when I uploaded my photos from my phone to my computer. These are some strawberries that I grew organically here. I haven't used any amendments or fertilizers for these strawberries. Comparing these to those giant strawberries in the store makes me wonder what … Continue reading Instagram Photos I’ve Posted Recently