Thinking of cosmetology school

So, I’ve been examining my prospective futures. They’re all beautiful paths. When looking to guide the future, I account for my past failures and successes, interests, and unique habits that make me unique. 

I’ve tossed the idea of going to “hair school” for a long time. I’m not that into hair though. The idea of manipulating it to the size and style intrigues me. Mark almost had me cut his hair this evening, and I got so excited at the chance to do it. 

That one moment hasn’t swayed my thinking about going to school again; it was my a-ha! moment. 

For a while now, I’ve been intrigued by Makeup. I don’t wear it, nor have I bought any. I do want to play with it though. Real bad. It’s aesthetically pleasing, there’s so many different kinds, and who doesn’t like making a mess with colorful powders and liquids? 

My eyebrow skills are almost a personal life hack. I’ve always been complimented on them, and I credit my tweezers to my success. It’s easy, there’s a formula that you have to follow. I’m good at following instructions. 

I have a great attention to detail. Which means that I’d be great for probably more than half of clients arriving with a photo saying, “Duplicate this!” and I’m a good listener for those who don’t know what they want. 

Knowing there are loads of cosmetologist that own their own business comforts me; good job security as well for the industry. As a stylist, all you need to start your business is the tools of the trade, money to rent a commercial building, and a loyal clientele that’s earned while saving to open your salon. 

I’m fun and funny. I also tend to like to offer advice even when not asked. I’m sassy a lot, and would entertain most with my bad jokes and singing along to music in a salon. I’m a creative person that loves trying out new things. 

I’m sure if I went to school, I’d end up being the guy everyone goes for color. 


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