I’m so bad about starting projects and never following through with them. (Stereotypical Gemini here.) Seems like there’s always some kind of personal hobby that I try out, love in the beginning, but can’t seem to continue perusing that hobby. 

This is me trying to concentrate on why I’m so flaky with myself.
Why am I like this? Why do I do this with almost every project that I start? Is it that it’s too hard, or do I instantly feel like I’ve mastered it because I created one really awesome thing? 

I think it’s both, but a lot of my projects get forgotten about because I feel like I’m still searching for my audience. I’ll try to do this, or that, and get underwhelming response from any sources of audience members. 

When something I try doesn’t get a lot of responses, I give up on that idea. I’m a private person, due to being such an introvert, and when I find an interest it doesn’t get shown to another until I feel I’ve mastered it somewhat. 

That’s what is happening with blogging. What I’ve written hasn’t gotten a lot of feedback. I’m a numbers guy, and according to my numbers it’s not worth pursuing. 

Maybe that’s my problem; I worry with what everyone else’s opinion is too much. Basically, I need to do something strictly because it makes me happy and not to worry about what anyone else thinks. Economics says that you have to provide a value to earn a living, and if no one likes your art – you starve. 

Oh well, that’s why I keep this WordPress app on my iPad. To remind myself that I have a place online that I can share a message, but not expect a ton of people to actually care enough to read it. Who knows, it may even be therapeutic. 

Here’s Rumple and his Sassyness. 


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