Don’t get me wrong, I like Facebook. It’s easy to use, everything I want is right there; information about my friends, videos you can get lost in, advertising for cool stuff, Messenger so you don’t have to exchange numbers anymore, etc. Everyone and everything is so connected on there – or so it seems. 

It’s come to my attention that Facebook has software designed to limit who sees what you post. Like, it’s hard to explain because I don’t fully understand how it works. Example, most of you won’t make it to this blog post, if you’re coming from Facebook. Cause, it might not think that you’d be interested in seeing this based on your viewing history while on Facebook.  The software wants to keep you engaged so that you keep looking at all the ads. So, why would if frequently show you content shared by your friends if you don’t want to see it? 

Twitter is different. It shows you what the people you follow post in the order they shared it. That means that people also see your content that way as well. It keeps all your tweets on your profile like that as well. Even your comments and conversations. It’s pretty well organized. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this perspective with anyone who may see it. 


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