We’ve had the pigs so long now, it feels like we’ve had them forever. And, it doesn’t really seem like they’re getting any bigger. I’ve never actually owned a pig before Mark got these two.

My brother Ryan has owned a pig before. I didn’t really pay it any attention, nor did I watch him do anything with it. I wasn’t interested in knowing how to raise a pig.

Getting these two pigs were Mark’s idea. I’m fully supportive of decisions that he thinks though before actually acting on them. You have to respect decisions that are well thought out. I play the long game. So, I love it when people think how something can affect them in the future.

He made it really seem like a good idea to invest in two pigs. If you do it right, you can have a constant source of food. That’s why we got both a girl and a boy. So yeah!

Well, pigs are kind of intelligent. Yeah, I know. We’ve seen Babe, and have seen all kinds of videos of pigs doing math and junk. But, those pigs were trained to be able to do that. Someone took the time to work with them.

We do nothing with these pigs. We don’t play with them, or teach them anything. Just make sure they get the bare essentials. I know that I’m not going to play with a creature that’s ultimately going to become food that I’ll eat.

They’re still smart though. They found a way to get out of the pin we built for them. This morning was spent rummaging through the yard with Mark trying to round these strong creatures.

The male kept knowing that we wanted to grab him and was uncatchable. The female, bless her heart, Mark got a hold of her tail and she made him spin in place while she tried running away. Watching him spin made me think of how little girls spin in place to get dizzy. While he was spinning, I was trying to get a rope around her neck to walk her to the pin like a leash.

Got that leash around her neck, and the squeals of fear were so strong and powerful. It was insane. I guess she thought that we were going to kill her there right on the spot. Mark made me let go. And, him getting so upset that we couldn’t get the pigs round-up caused his niceness to completely go away. It was a very stressful moment.

But, in the end, what lead them home was water. Plain old water. We got rid of all other sources of it in the yard by Mark chasing them away sources of water and hose leaks. While he was chasing them on, I kept the hose going in the pin so they’d run to it. We also had to break the pin open so that they’d have an easy access to the water – instead of having to re-escape back into the pin.


Their living space isn’t exactly perfect. But, it has been working so far for them. I guess they dumped their water from the previous day and were really thirsty this morning.

I’m just glad that these beasts didn’t go through my flower bed. Well, not much of a flowerbed cause I haven’t spent much time in it. But still, I have that one amazing flower that has finally bloomed.




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