Here’s some Instagram photos I actually still had on my phone from when I uploaded my photos from my phone to my computer.


These are some strawberries that I grew organically here. I haven’t used any amendments or fertilizers for these strawberries. Comparing these to those giant strawberries in the store makes me wonder what chemicals they’re using in all of our food.


At first, Rumple didn’t like the new kitten. But, he’s kind of taken him under his wing a bit and they get along fine now. Rumple is actually wanting to spend more time inside the house now because of the kitten. So, I do believe it was healthier for us to get the kitten because it’s kind of brought back the light in Rumple’s personality.



We used this beautiful head of lettuce to make lettuce burgers recently. That was really fun. I even started getting creative with it and was making lettuce sushi; ha-ha! I would make a slider sized burger patty, cut it in half, melt half a slice of mozzarella over it, half a ring of onion on top, and a sliver of tomato. Roll all of that inside a leaf of lettuce as tight as you can and then slice it like sushi. It’s fun, but not practical. LOL!


When you live in a camper the air conditioning unit is on the roof. When the drip pan gets clogged, it leaks inside the house. Ours had been clogged for a long time, and we didn’t know what was wrong with it. After a lot of research, we finally figured out why the unit was leaking so much and did something about it. This photo is our final result of the issue, and it’s a dry and clean floor. I was ecstatic.



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