Black Friday’s sales at Walmart really hit us hard; ha-ha! We got so many movies! I’m not even sure how many we got, but enough to keep us busy and entertained for quite some time. All kinds of movies, and we also got a few awesome tv seasons. Even got that Better Call Saul movie – not even sure I spelt that right.

I’m actually on the phone right now looking to get some kind of tech support about a movie. That sounds lame, I know right? Tech support for a movie. Ah-Ha Bah!

What’s going on is I’m actually utilizing a digital copy of a movie for the first time. But, I have to use a 3rd party app to get it downloaded. I’m using Vudu to get “Tyler Perry’s a Madea Christmas movie.”

I’m using their app to download it, and every time I get a 3328:898 Download Failed code. I retried to download the movie 3 different times. Now, I’m on the phone with them. Basically starting off by the technician reseting some stuff on their end, causing me to need to re-login to the app on my iPad.

Queuing for the movie to download again. I’m hoping that she’s patient on the phone enough for it to finish downloading. Which, I’m guessing that she is patient. Told her that I’m writing a blog about this issue, and she laughed a little; ha-ha!

This is actually my first time getting a digital copy downloaded of a movie. Strange huh?

So, I don’t know what she did, but it downloaded on the first try after she did it. So, if you’re getting this error – you gotta call Vudu.

Their number is  1 (888) 554-8838 – Hopefully you’ll get the nice girl that I got. She was pretty good at carrying a conversation. We talked it up about different movies and shows while we waited for it to download.

Off to watch Madea!


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