So, I’m in a little bit of introverted recovery mode from how exactly successful this year’s Thanksgiving really was. I mean, come on, the amount of people this year that demanded my attention was unbelieveable. I’m used to rejection and isolation. I’m a lot to handle. Just think “Sheldon Cooper”, when you think about how much people want to be around me. I adore Sheldon. Don’t know why so many characters on The Big Bang Theory find him annoying. I guess that’s the Amy in me coming out. 

Anyways… Mark and I had to attend to three (3) different gatherings. (Don’t you just love how I had to include the number of gatherings in a legal document sort of format. They always made us include a number for a legal with that format “number (#)”.) Thank goodness each one started at a different time of day. Our day started at my Grandma’s thanksgiving. Later in the day we went to Mark’s Mema’s, and after shopping at Black Friday we went to Mark’s Aunt June’s.  

Waking up to the first location of Thanksgiving was awesome. My family always tries to schedule at lunch time because, who wants to suffer all day smelling food and not be able to touch any of it till the evening? Most of it is usually prepared the day before Thanksgiving before anyone arrives too. We’re planners, list makers, and very routine. I feel like that’s why members of my family are successful in their endeavors. 
This year, and like every year there is the head honcho (spelling?) cook. Hard to place who it was this year, but it seemed like a tie between Nanny and Aunt Carolyn. Carolyn is on some other kind of level when it comes to cooking. I’m pretty sure if she had the time, she’d do well on hosting a cooking show or teaching others how to do what she does. Carolyn has always been trendy, she even dresses very well. Her style makes me think of Better Homes & Garden. I appreciate people that have an attention to aesthetic. That’s a skill that I don’t have an eye for. Well, I do, but I don’t spend my money like that because I like change so much. 

(Re-reading my paragraphs makes me feel like I have a wander’s mind. Perhaps because I can’t get my thoughts out of my head as quickly as I can type.) 

Most of the morning was a lot of people trying to help out as much as they could. It’s a crazy effort. Especially since there’s so many people in my family. Glasses to fill, dinnerware to put out, tables to get set up, double checking that there’s enough room and food for everyone, feast to prepare, dishes to wash. It was insane. So, I tried my best to steer clear. 

Before Thanksgiving was actually good to go. We did what every family does I assume – we socialized. So many people in one room is loud and draining; ha-ha! You can’t focus because there’s so much going on, and you don’t know what you want to be involved in at the moment. It helped to actually leave the house for periods of time. Being such an introvert means that I have to “recharge” every once in a while with some alone time. Or at least get away from the crowd. 

Got to spend time with Thomas and Megan at their place. Their our neighbors, but we almost hardly ever see them. 

Went down there and talked a bit. Caught up, you know the drill; ha-ha! They’re really easy to shoot the breeze with. It’s like having friends for cousins. Not just polite acquaintances that social convention dictates you have to make idle conversation with that informs them of your recent newsworthy accomplishments and failures. 

Spend the most time of the holiday with my family. Not that we show favoritism to them over Mark’s family, but because it’s where we live. Starting off the feast with them was well worth the wait all day. We sat at the level 3 table this year. You’re probably thinking, “Huh? Level 3 table?” 

Here’s the deal, being that there’s so many people at thanksgiving we have to have many tables set up. Level 1 is where Grandma and the most VIP people sit, Level 2 table is lined up with the Level 1 table and those who they’d like to get on Level 1 sit are placed at Level 2. Then there’s everyone else put at Level 3, and we had a Level 4 table too. The level 3 table was put in the middle of Grandma’s living room, and Level 4 was put in the front entrance room. 

Yes, I take the time to notice things like this. Like, my brother Ryan was placed right next to Grandma on the Level 1 table. He feels like he’s the favorite of the family, but… I don’t know about that. He’s the one in the family that everyone caters to because if they didn’t they know he’d react very negatively. We’re non-confrontational and just want to keep the peace. I can see why he was placed next to Grandma, because she never gets to see him. Like hardly ever. He’s so reclusive. 

I got to sit at the party table though; ha-ha! Everyone that was light hearted and happy. That’s the company that I want to enjoy, so I’m not complaining at all! 

Everyone gobbled up everything pretty fast. It was actually a very good meal. I ate just a little more than I usually do, and I usually eat like a bird. I can’t stand eating a lot of food in one sitting. I eat a little at a time, here and there throughout the day. Never can commit to something that long – not even for food. (I like change.) 

The pie spread was amazing. 

But, I only had my cousin Summer’s peanut butter creme pie. It’s so good, I’l have to share the recipe at some point. Seriously though, there’s not a better pie out there than Peanut Butter Creme Pie! It’s so good, that I even made sure that Summer was making it. After she said she was, I said, “Good, because I was wondering if I was going to have to make it.” It’s a family tradition! It’s not Thanksgiving unless Summer makes one! 

Yes, you need to try it. 

Mark was ranting and raving about getting some Cherry Cheesecake. My Aunt Patience made two (2). You know what though? He ate so much food that he couldn’t even make himself eat a slice. Got him some later though. Ate it last night, and it was to die for. 

Before we left my Grandma’s, we got some family photo time in. I didn’t take any of them, so I can’t share any other than the family group shot that I pulled from my mom’s photography page. I was fearful how that would of played out. Mostly to see if they wanted to include Mark in the group family photo. It seems like everyone has accepted the fact that Mark and I are together, forever. That’s a nice feeling to have. Highlight of my day actually. Not one person had a cross word to say with me. I got fed positivity the entire day. Very refreshing. Makes me wonder where the family my previous perception had gone off to. 

Seems like there was a lot of soul searching that payed off. 

Thanks family! 


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