Yey! Black Friday! I’m excited, because you know  – I hate shopping. Shopping is the worst because you spend so much time looking around for things that you may or may not want. You’re not even actually going to the store to get something you know you want. You’re just slowly wandering around hoping that something jumps out at you and screams, “Pick me! If you don’t you’ll never be happy again.” That’s too time consuming, and frankly a waste of time and money. 

If you go to the store, know what you’re going there to get. Don’t just “shop” seems like wasteful spending. 

AnywayI don’t consider Black Friday shopping. It’s hunting. And, I like hunting. It’s probably because there’s a challenge. I’m a creative person at heart, and they say that challenges are loved by creative people. Can’t say that I have any points to argue with.

I hunt for DVD deals. Mark does too. It’s our thing. We love movies, and we love owning them. You’d be surprised (as we would be too) to find out exactly how many times we’ve re-watched our movies. We’re careful with them, and scratches are something not tolerated in our home. I would say that I’m not surprised that some of them don’t work anymore, but all of them still do. We bond over movies. 

Walmart is going to be ground zero for our Black Friday. I’ll be there at 6pm, just like everyone else. I’ll scout out our favorites, and then dive in when they’re available. I am kind of nervous about this location. Not only because some of the folks around here are pretty intimidating, but because I know a lot of us in the community live out in the country. It’s either Satillte Internet and Television, or mobile data. They all want their movies, for low to no cost. 

In the city, people could care less about the movies. They had high speed internet, and could watch them all day long, on demand, on high speed virtually limitless internet. All the internet out in the country has to be carefully monitored, and that means no movie streaming via hulu or netflix. Yeah, those with Satillte could watch movies on there, but not anything good unless you pay to rent them. Who wants to pay more for something already expensive? Shouldn’t you get what you want to watch anyways? 

I just hope that I’m able to at least get some really awesome movies this Black Friday. I need to look at their flier more closely. I’m sure that there’s something that I can’t live without that’ll be somewhere pretty far away from the movies. But, that’s why I’ll have Mark there. We’ll team up against it, and get some awesome grabs. If I have to, I’ll make my little brother get in on the mix too; ha-ha! 

I’m excited. 


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