It seems that I’m unable to clean house but once a week. The work week drains me. Not a lot, just enough that when I come home I want to do nothing but veg out and sit on the iPad entertaining myself. But, enough to drain me to only want to blog on the weekends. 

It’s kind of like I’m working seven days a week working on this blog, coming up with post ideas, or even having the energy to do it. So, cleaning the house is something I definitely don’t have the energy to do. Plus, as I discussed before – I hate cleaning. 

Anyways, it’s been a week since I’ve cleaned right? The house is filthy again. I’m doing something about it; it just needs to get done. Well, it’s been slightly rainy this week. So that means lots of moisture, and tracking in of dirt and grass. We’ve kept a matt under the dining table. When the cats were strictly in-door cats the only place for the box was under en the dining table. Gross, I know – but nowhere else to put it. 

The cat does his business outside now. He’s an indoor-outdoor cat these days. No more litter box!! Woo Hoo! Mark suggested the other day that we use that matt under the dining table for the front enterance to help cut down on the tracking of the outdoors. I’m sweeping the floor and I remember that we have that matt. 

I lift it up – bad idea. There’s poop under it. Not just any poo. But this poo that’s so large a dog could have done it. So large that it could be a human poop. Kudos to that matt though. It hid the smell very well. Shout out to Better Homes & Gardens. You’ve got a quality product. 

But, OMG! This pile of poo was LARGE… Our cat isn’t even that big. How in the world could he contain that much poo? LOL! You don’t even understand. I’m sparing the internet of poo, so there’s not going to be a picture. 

This poo is so large, that I had to stop cleaning to write about this. LOL! I’m also too disgusted to find the courage to clean it immediately. I have to cope before I can even try.

Lord… I have to clean the poo. 

I can’t do this. Where’s MY fairy Godmother? I want her to clean it. Should I call my mom? No… She’d just tell me to clean it up. I am almost 30.



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