So, I got the Apple Pencil today. Holy Smokes! I love it! It looks and feels like an actual pencil. I’m not talking about the device itself, I’m talking about the results of using it. 

The best app for it is obviously Notes on the iPad. Because, well… it has a brush that looks and reacts just like pencil lead. I have other apps to draw with, but it’s all ink looking brushes. If you can find me a better app than notes, feel free. I wish I could have a app that would allow me to blend, blend blend, what I’m working on. LOL! But this is still awesome. 

I drew a picture while waiting for Mark to get off work. It’s a little NSFW, but only a little. I’m not that experienced with drawing, but I can hold my own. 

Let me know what you think of my drawing in the comments below. 

Updated – 11.15.16 @ 11:05 PM CST

Here’s another drawing that I did this evening. 


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