So, I just got this iPad. Naturally, Mark is a little jelly and wants to get one for himself. He hasn’t been itching to get one as soon as possible for some reason. I haven’t thought too much about it, but he basically just let the cat out of the bag a moment ago and it has me digging for some more information. 

He said that he’s wanting to wait to get one because Apple is probably coming out with a new iPad soon. I died a little inside. I’m like, “Soon? How soon? I just got this one, and it’s supposed to be the top of the line.” 

May the power of Google be with me. 

First of all. Don’t ever question my ability to Google. I have this knack for by-passing the spam, and finding credible looking pages with sources and all that jazz. It’s probably because I’ve been “interneting” for a long time now. I’m your online go-to guy. 

Here’s what I found – I won’t be missing out too badly. It’s basically the same thing as what I have now. Except one major difference. 

Edge-to-Edge Display. At first, I think that it’d be really cool, but with use I’d start to hate how my thumbs would have to cover up the screen just to hold it. Especially when standing and holding an iPad. I’m going to have a firm grasp of it. Lord knows I don’t want to drop it. 

Express implyed with their article that Apple may be getting rid of their home button. Maybe leading to where you just touch the screen to unlock the new iPad/iPhone with Edge-to-Edge screen? That’d be pretty cool, but what if you need to force an app to exit because the phone is laggy and froze? Something truly powerful about having a button to mash on to fix the problem; ha-ha! 

Nothing else I’ve read about updates is notable. Like battery changes, size, thin, etc. I judge product differences by their deal-breakers. Like, the huge iPad Pro you can get right now doesn’t have a 12 MP camera on it. Really? Why not? You’d think bigger iPad – better camera. Nope – not the case. 

 The only really big bummer would be the noticeable change that newer future models of iPad will have the Edge-to-Edge display. Not just the next generation coming out, but all future generations of iPads. Eventually people will be like, “Wow, your iPad is old!!!” 
Guess that’s what upgrades are for. 

This post was inspired by The Daily Press with their Daily Prompt – Fish


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