Technology is amazing. There’s so much that we can see and do from just picking up our phones. The only thing that separates us from endless electronic wonder is this tiny little piece of metal.

I know, I know. This isn’t where all that information comes from within our mobile devices. There’s complicated antennas for picking up the frequencies that the cellular towers emit. But, without a SIM card you’re phone is useless. All it does for your phone is hardcode a registered serial number. Yep, your card is nothing more than a social security number for your phone. It’s like your phone’s driver’s license.

Most people seem to not even know what a sim card is. More often than not, I head people not even know what the proper name is for it. (Sims Card, SD Card, etc.)

I’m actually amazed that it isn’t basic knowledge by now. Generally, I find that a lot of people don’t know things that I would assume to be common knowledge. Doesn’t matter where I go in the country, I still encounter people that don’t knowledge of things that I would assume everyone knows.

There’s that “know-it-all” personality I warned about earlier. That’s okay though. I enjoy teaching people things. Don’t know why, it just makes me feel good to help someone in that way. There’s not a lot I like to do to help people, but the things I do enjoy helping others with – I do without question. Sounds quite selfish putting it that way, but just because the action of doing something to help is something I don’t like doing – doesn’t mean that I’m not going to do that to help someone I care about. There’s just things I’d prefer to do to help someone instead. 

Wow, you see… I went from talking about technology to talking about myself. That doesn’t make me look very good does it? Oh myyyy.

I’m impressed that the iPad Pro was able to get this good of a photo for as close as I could get. I did crop and edit the photo a little bit before I added it in. But, I do believe some kind of photo lens adapter do-hickey thing could really take advantage of this 12 MP camera. That’ll have to be after I get my Apple Pencil.

This post was inspired by the Daily Photo Challenge Tiny. You should definitely participate. All you have to do is link their post for the challenge in your post. If you want, you could also link to this article. Cause, ya know – I want to see how it works on showing up on the comments. I’m curious to know if someone else’s page would show up in my comments if they link to me.


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