I’m going to try something new. There’s this site called The Daily Post and they post keywords to inspire people to write something – anything.

Today’s word is Flames and that’s the only context I’m given to write something about. I don’t think you necessarily have to write a post starting off saying that you’re writing the post because of The Daily Post. You could just look at the prompt, and think, “Oh, that gives me an idea for an article about .” Then you could just give a blurb credit like, “This article was inspired by The Daily Post daily prompt.” And the give the link to that prompt’s page. Even so, because this is the first time that I’m going to be doing one of their prompts – I’m going to start this one off that way.

Because of Mark. I instantly think of The Hunger Games. He was obsessed with the series and wanted everything Hunger Games, talked about it constantly, and was a big super fan. It’s a great movie series, and I enjoy it too. The concept is pretty surreal.

Why I think of it is simple. The way that they did the flames on that dress was pretty awesome. She said that the flames couldn’t hurt her, but I still can’t wrap my mind around the type of technology that could make “flames” but wouldn’t be harmful to her.

Perhaps it was some kind of hologram projection that was incorporated into the outfit? Who knows, but in the last movie you saw the flames completely destroy an outfit to become another one. So, maybe it is real fire? It’s just the way that it’s on her body that it isn’t harmful – yet she could still feel the heat rising from the flames.

Either way, it’s not something ta that people would wear every day. That’s just silly, only for show.
I can’t wait to live long enough to see a drastic change in everyday fashion. Each generation gets to witness it. Like, we dress totally different now than we did back in the 20’s when my grandpa was a kid. But, from the 80’s until now – I can’t really see too much of a difference in how we look.

It’d be really disappointing to find out that in 60 years that we basically dress the same. Ya know, t-shirts and jeans. I think we all will eventually get to where we dress in clean lines, like space people. Or maybe that’s just hopeful thinking; ha-ha!

Flames though… Not in clothes – and why am I dwelling on The Hunger Games flames? When there’s so much more that runs though my mind. Bon Fires for instance. When’s the last time that you attended a really awesome one of those?

Being that I’m living out in the country, and it’s getting cold out. You bet that I’m going to have us a bon fire. It’d be awesome, and I kind of feel like it’ll add some substance to the poor soil in my yard; ha-ha!

I love the feel of a warm fire on a cold fall night. Hum… I just may have to go out and find some stuff to burn tomorrow when Mark is off and can help me. We could gather some fallen brush out in our back forest to clean it up, burn it at night, and enjoy the heat.

See… I’m a random blogger. Ha-ha!


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