So, I hate cleaning daily. I loathe it. Yet, I’m amazing at it? Yes, that’s meant to be a question. How can I be so quick,  thorough, and organized, but not ever want or actually clean?
I don’t have an answer for that. But, I just finished cleaning our house. It looks so – much – better. Ha-Ha! Like, I feel like I’m visiting someone else’s house. It’s immaculate, and it doesn’t feel like I live here. I usually keep the house messy. Because who wants to stop doing stuff that feels fun and productive for that interest,  to clean?

Mark is at work right now, and I think he gets off at seven p.m. I had today off because I work for a company that only operates Monday through Friday. He on the other hand has to take turns working weekends for his company that’s open Monday through Sunday. We love our jobs – hate cleaning the house. We actually fight over it a little… He asked me to wash the dishes when he left for work this morning – I put it off all day today.

So, I did whatever I wanted to do, and the dishes stared at me all day. I did everything I could to abstain from actually cleaning. Eventually though, I made me a french roast coffee. That’s what always gets me in the mood to WORK. Started the dishes and drank my cup of joe.

I realized that there wasn’t actually that many dishes in the sink and on the counter. So, I set little goals. You know; wash a load of dishes – clean off a section of the house – repeat.

Needless to say, I literally cleaned every little thing in the house. I’m proud of myself. Now, I do say house – but what I mean is our camper.

We live in a camper out here in Maechler Town. Surrounded by family – and I feel safe out here.

Getting off track – House is clean and Mark has no idea that I’ve powered through the chores, and I can’t wait to see the look on his face! Ha-Ha!

Now, for the photo montage…

Bedroom – Nothing to interesting here.
In our bedroom – we have the most awkwardly placed television. Make do with what you’ve got. That’s my motto. But, we thought about mounting the television to the wall – but we’re not sure that any of the walls in the camper could actually hold the tv. One of our friends said that we could get really long bolts that’d need to go all the way through the wall to the other side, straddle a stud, and bracket it in such a way that it’s gripping the stud instead of being screwed into the stud to hold it up. Because it’s a mobile house – there’s a chance that a support stud has been fractured already from being moved. Long story short – it’s not a good idea to mount a 42″ television to the wall in a camper without making it ugly.
To give you an idea of the floor plan, here’s me standing at the bathroom door taking a photo of the bedroom. It’s not the biggest place in the world. But, in every place Mark and I have lived – we haven’t taken up much of the square footage. So, other than bumping into each other when we are getting ready in the morning it’s perfect for us.
The bathroom is adorable, tiny, and even has a bathtub. Now, the hot water heater is only 10 gallons. Not enough water to fill a tub with adequate hot water. I’m not mad though, because I can sit in the tub. No way I can fully lay down. If I keep both heels in the air, I can get my bottom and my head both in the 3 inches of water. The shower head must be designed to use less water as it runs. You can take a LONG hot shower in our camper. Well, if Mark hadn’t just done dishes that is.
This article was provided by my iPad Pro as you can see. I’m in my pajama’s tonight. Found them over at my Mom’s in my old room. I’ve owned this set for a very, very long time; ha-ha! This article was provided by my iPad Pro as you can see. I’m in my pajama’s tonight. Found them over at my Mom’s in my old room. I’ve owned this set for a very, very long time; ha-ha!

House is clean, I’m comfy, and after I press send Mark will be off of work. He’s heading to Walmart to get me some creme of coconut for the Coconut Curry that I’m making tonight. I usually make it with Coconut milk, but I want it to be extremely sweet coconut curry. Preparing it tonight with chicken AND shrimp. Hoping that he’ll do the dishes after I’m done cooking – but I’m not going to count on it.


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