I’m very excited that I have The Daily Post as a resource for inspiration. I’m guessing that along the way I’m going to learn new words along the journey because I had to google today’s word, Lofty. I’m going to slowly phase out of the apparent pattern of starting off talking about The Daily Post when I do one of their prompts, because I don’t want that to be my standard style.

ANYway, I had to google what the word truly meant. Usually words that I don’t automatically know are easily solved using context clues in the sentence, but you know, they just give us the one word to work with.

The Definition

Lofty – adj. – : rising to a great height : very tall and impressive : very high and good : deserving to be admired : showing the insulting attitude of people who think that they are better, smarter, or more important than other people

Just looking at the definition, I automatically went to the defensive side; ha-ha! That’s only because I’ve been told before by people who are mad at me that I think that I’m better than other people. Honestly, I don’t think that, but I’m also not shy about sharing with people things that I know – really know.

I wouldn’t want to refer to someone as Lofty. I don’t think that I’ve ever actually used this word before, or even heard anyone else use it. Way to go Daily Post with giving us a word that no one uses; ha-ha! That’s why I haven’t actually written anything that this word inspired other than criticism of the word itself.

On the lighter side, I did find a website about this word. Everything on it is extremely expensive. A pitcher and glass tumbler set was almost two thousand dollars ($2,000). That’s a little overpriced I think; ha-ha!

Lofty – The Trusted Marketplace

At first glance, it appears to be an online store for actual art. Who knew that there was a one-stop shop for rich people to get art work at super high prices? Well, it makes sense, but seriously almost two grand for a set of glasses and a matching pitcher?

Pretty sure that this is an online store that I won’t ever be shopping at. I’ll never be rich enough to spend that kind of money on something so – unnecessary. There’s other things that I need to spend my money on. I don’t know – organic food, dental procedures, education and training, etc. Things that better my life, not just my interior aesthetic.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be that filthy rich though? I’d be an extremely disciplined rich person…. Check that, I’d be the cheapest rich person if I had a ton of money fall in my lap. And you know what the best tip I can give anyone about spending money is?

Always, always, Buy The Best. Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to be all “lofty” and get a set of glasses for almost $2,000. That’s not necessarily the “best.” What entitles something to be the best? Well, that’s a question that you have to answer for yourself. My best t-shirt isn’t going to be the same as yours. It’s contest between preference and durability.

When you buy something – the best always stands the test of time. It not only lasts a long time, but it stays within your interest for as long as it will continue to serve its purpose. You wanting a tablet? (I did, and got one.) Do your research before you even have the money to get one. Don’t impulse buy, or get it because it’s cheap. You have to make careful decisions in how you spend moo-la.

Say you grab that $10 – $50 tablet because it’s on sale, and all other non-sense. You take it home, power it up, and find that it works just like it said it would. Okay… but 6 months down the line you find that it’s glitchy. It won’t stay powered on, takes too long to charge, gets really hot, or any number of things. Washers and Dryers are glitch monsters. I remember when my Nanny and Grandma’s washer and dryer kept messing up repeatedly in such a small window of time. They ended up biting the bullet, and getting a well thought out set of machines – and they’ve now had them for a while.

They definitely didn’t go to lofty – which is a beautiful site by the way. You should definitely check it out. Could give you some artistic inspiration.

I happen to work with someone that’s fantastic at budgeting. Sarah is an amazing resource of information. I envy her knowledge. Not just with budgeting, but she’s a writer – and that’s the knowledge I want to start learning from her.  If you want to get a little help with how to set up a freeing budget – check out Sarah’s Budget Girl YouTube Channel.


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