Depression is so weird

For the average person, the first thing that comes to mind when asked to visualize depression might be someone sitting alone and crying to themselves. That could be true for a lot of depressed cases, but I earnestly believe that you could be depressed and not cry once. You can be depressed and never have… Continue reading Depression is so weird


Looking for help with Florida gardening

I'm instinctively a gardener. I grew up in an atmosphere where family gardening was commonplace. We had a structured lifestyle and nothing ever changed. I grew up in one house my entire childhood; we never moved, and hardly traveled. I loved that.  Being comfortable living in one place for a long time is what I've… Continue reading Looking for help with Florida gardening


Pigs can be a pain

We've had the pigs so long now, it feels like we've had them forever. And, it doesn't really seem like they're getting any bigger. I've never actually owned a pig before Mark got these two. My brother Ryan has owned a pig before. I didn't really pay it any attention, nor did I watch him… Continue reading Pigs can be a pain